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José Pedro Croft, the limit of space?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

José Pedro Croft

Born in 1957, Portuguese artist José Pedro Croft enjoys experimenting with materials, colours, structures and their relationship to space. Playing with open and closed spaces, stable and unstable balances, his works 'reflect the transitory nature of the universe'.


Croft's explorations

Known in the international art scene and for having participated in the renewal of Portuguese sculptures, José Pedro Croft loves superposition and juxtaposition. He confronts empty and full spaces and associates colours with abstract lines.

Red geometric forms or black structures can represent simple and sometimes incomplete masses. The geometric rigour is revealed through a succession of incisions, scratches and erasures.

Through a 3-dimensional effect, he is questioning the density of the materials, their weight or lightness. Also, his designs constantly question the object-space relationship and force us to reconsider the limit of that space. Is there a limit?


Croft's words

The things don't have just one position in a way that something is a closed object that stands behind/in front of you, it is more a field of energies that you confront yourself.

If you get distance, approach very closely, every time you see different things and you have different perceptions.

José Pedro Croft

Croft's triumph

Considered one of the most representative figures of the international art scene, José Pedro Croft's work can be found in international collections and museums in France, Portugal, Brazil and Spain.

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