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Past Featured

This artistic movement of the 20th century broke the classical conventions of the time and made it possible to use a new visual language to represent reality. Today's artists are still inspired by it .



Pop icons from the world of Fashion, Art, Cinema, History or Fiction are often venerated.  Angels, Devils or Saints, the myths they incarnate, the ideas they carry, transcend them... Let's get inspired.


Wild and free, Ora creates a universe between abstract art, pop and street art. She is inspired by Jackson Pollock, Gerard Richter, Andy Warhol or even Jean-Michel Basquiat...


Art Deco really started in 1925 at the “International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts” in Paris. René Lalique is one of the main representatives.


Portraits, Daily scenes, and Social issues such as Woman emancipation, Duality, Police brutality. See Africa through artists from Nigeria, Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon...


An elusive figure, both believer and anarchist, rebellious and uncompromising, Le Bateleur created his myth in the Street Art movement.


Portuguese artist José Pedro Croft enjoys experimenting with materials, colours, structures and their relationship to space. Playing with open and closed spaces, stable and unstable balances...


Quatorze, artist from Marseille, draws and paints. He finds his inspiration from timeless, sometimes famous portraits and from multiple worlds of Pop Culture. 


Timeless Art Deco: rich colors, bold geometry and detailed craftsmanship. All the glamor, luxury and exuberance of Art Deco.


Dali, Miró, Picasso, Plensa, Tàpies...
See works by undisputed masters - loved by collectors - who influence the contemporary art scene.


Anjel makes Neo-pop Art paintings that provide spirited insights into his stylish models, while simultaneously painting out the persuasive influence of consumer culture.


From the Divine Comedy to VIP's Night out, Salvador Dali influenced the 20th century and left an indelible trace in the history of art and the heritage of Humanity.

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