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David DAVID, the 'Head in Art'

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Less than 10 years!

That’s how long it took for David DAVID to assert himself as one of the most influential and sought-after figures in Contemporary Art. Unequivocally self-taught and internationally recognised and renowned, this French artist, who was born in Nancy but moved in Cannes, is making his way into sculptural and canvas art by means of his legendary character.

Head in art

Indeed, a sort of artistic alter-ego, DAVID’s “La Tête dans l’Art” first came to life as a sculpture of a man cutting himself off from the effervescence of the city and of society by means of lodging his head in a bucket of paint without restraint. As well as being a character inscribed in the past, present and future, it notably allows David DAVID to create a spokespersons through which he conveys his emotions, but also enabling such emotions to run through anyone admiring his work, whether that be in the street or in his workshop, through sculpture or painting.

Work seriously, but don't take yourself seriously.

Today, David DAVID has met the artistic height of his influencers as he is incontestably painted to be one of the leading artists of the contemporary artistic scene, from Paris to Saint-Paul of Vence, through to Cannes, Lyon and even Courchevel. Not only this! Already established in Switzerland and in Belguim, DAVID is also exporting his art to the savviest collectors in Singapore, thus illustrating his arrival onto the Asian market. Colourful, committed, audacious and endowed with sincerity and a certain humility, David DAVIDs character does not end there.

Carried and inspired by his devouring passion and his infallible urge to keep on sharing, he is creating yet another breed of “La Tête dans l’Art” in his workshop in Cannes. Following the creation of “Blind”, a representation man discovering himself in today’s consumerist society through a mobile phone gripped in his hand, the sculptor, pushing his message to its paroxysm, multiplying his character infinitely in order to achieve one whole piece. His newest work? A creation whereby his treasured characters dive into luxury shopping bags, ironically mocking our consumerist society with a sense of self-depreciation.

From the walls of our streets, to his workshop, David DAVID’s “DNA” constantly makes your mind wonder through its though-provoking statements. DAVID offers an artistic escape, provoking a poetic melancholy… all this with passion and delight.

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