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Exploring with Juan Manuel Pajares

Meet the artist

Bernat Barris, Paintings

Born in 1957 in Lleida, Spain, Juan Manuel Pajares is a self-taught artist who challenges us with his captivating brushstrokes and unique vision by leading a rebellion of signs and questioning their usual interpretations.


New York’s vibrant pulse

It was on the streets of New York that the captivating artistic journey of Juan Manuel Pajares began. Since his inaugural showcase in Soho back in 2000, his unique style captured the city's essence, echoing its lively spirit and colorful graffiti.

"Practicing the art of cut-up and montage, Pajares is not strictly speaking a painter. A self-taught artist, as much a poet and stroller as a sociologist, each of his paintings is similar to the cinematographic experiments of a Guy Debord or a Godard." Roland Barthes, Art Critic, Christies, 2007

Transforming Everyday

Pajares turns ordinary images, symbols and icons into captivating art, inviting viewers to ponder their deeper meanings. Over two decades, his style has evolved, becoming more abstract and resonating with people everywhere.

Fresh Perspectives

Through his art, Pajares challenges us to see the world differently, sparking conversations about how visuals shape our understanding. Staying true to his passion, he creates art for galleries and collectors from France to Los Angeles, inspiring us all to embrace creativity and exploration.

I never know how I am going to finish the painting, I improvise. I always look for shapes, textures, characters and how they interconnect with each other, working with layers and brushes.

Juan Manuel Pajares, Feria Art 360 Madrid


See the interview by Europa Press TV Madrid


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