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Ora... Wild and Free

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Inspired by Jackson Pollock, Gerard Richter, Andy Warhol or even Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ora creates a universe between abstract art, pop and street art.

Ora, French Street artist


New York Experience

Ora is a French artist born in 1989 in Avignon. From an early age, she draws and graffities in the streets of her city. Passionate about the discovery of new cultures, she travels the globe and settles in New York. Her "underground" studio is then in Soho where she paints but also signs her first line of apparel.

Ora at work, street art


Ora's paintings


From Brigitte Bardot to Kate Moss and with a nod to Madonna... Today, Ora uses portraits of female icons among others, which reflect symbols of strength and beauty with a touch of indiscipline due to its bright and irregular colors.

Ora is wild and free, but her paintings also mention simplicity, audacity, openness and always love.


#streetart #graffiti #ora #frenchartist In collaboration with La Quincaillerie d'Art.

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