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Quatorze, Pop culture by French artist

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Quatorze, Pop cultute artist

Quatorze, artist from Marseille, born in 1986, draws and paints. He finds his inspiration from timeless, sometimes famous portraits and from multiple worlds of Pop Culture.


From Marseille to Nice

The adventure started in his studio, a small tree-lined house in the heart of Marseille where everyone can still visit and discover his new artworks. His most significant exhibition took place at "La Quincaillerie d'Art" in the port of Nice, where his paintings were exhibited and occupied the entire space.


Quatorze, French artist of Pop Culture

Playing with the light

To interact with the light, Quatorze works mainly with black and white. Hence the complexity of his art in creating contrasts, shadows and reliefs. No digital media, stencils or others come between the artist and the material. The light appears, among other things, through its varnished finishes in matte, satin or glossy.

Everyone can find themselves in Quatorze's timeless, famous portraits.


In collaboration with La Quincaillerie d'Art.


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