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  • José Pedro Croft, the limit of space?

    Born in 1957, Portuguese artist José Pedro Croft enjoys experimenting with materials, colours, structures and their relationship to space. Playing with open and closed spaces, stable and unstable balances, his works 'reflect the transitory nature of the universe'. Croft's explorations Known in the international art scene and for having participated in the renewal of Portuguese sculptures, José Pedro Croft loves superposition and juxtaposition. He confronts empty and full spaces and associates colours with abstract lines. Red geometric forms or black structures can represent simple and sometimes incomplete masses. The geometric rigour is revealed through a succession of incisions, scratches and erasures. Through a 3-dimensional effect, he is questioning the density of the materials, their weight or lightness. Also, his designs constantly question the object-space relationship and force us to reconsider the limit of that space. Is there a limit? Croft's words The things don't have just one position in a way that something is a closed object that stands behind/in front of you, it is more a field of energies that you confront yourself. If you get distance, approach very closely, every time you see different things and you have different perceptions. See complete interview Croft's triumph Considered one of the most representative figures of the international art scene, José Pedro Croft's work can be found in international collections and museums in France, Portugal, Brazil and Spain. #abstractart #art

  • Quatorze, Pop culture by French artist

    Quatorze, artist from Marseille, born in 1986, draws and paints. He finds his inspiration from timeless, sometimes famous portraits and from multiple worlds of Pop Culture. From Marseille to Nice The adventure started in his studio, a small tree-lined house in the heart of Marseille where everyone can still visit and discover his new artworks. His most significant exhibition took place at "La Quincaillerie d'Art" in the port of Nice, where his paintings were exhibited and occupied the entire space. Playing with the light To interact with the light, Quatorze works mainly with black and white. Hence the complexity of his art in creating contrasts, shadows and reliefs. No digital media, stencils or others come between the artist and the material. The light appears, among other things, through its varnished finishes in matte, satin or glossy. Everyone can find themselves in Quatorze's timeless, famous portraits. In collaboration with La Quincaillerie d'Art. #popculture #art #quatorze #frenchartist

  • Ora... Wild and Free

    Inspired by Jackson Pollock, Gerard Richter, Andy Warhol or even Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ora creates a universe between abstract art, pop and street art. New York Experience Ora is a French artist born in 1989 in Avignon. From an early age, she draws and graffities in the streets of her city. Passionate about the discovery of new cultures, she travels the globe and settles in New York. Her "underground" studio is then in Soho where she paints but also signs her first line of apparel. Icons From Brigitte Bardot to Kate Moss and with a nod to Madonna... Today, Ora uses portraits of female icons among others, which reflect symbols of strength and beauty with a touch of indiscipline due to its bright and irregular colors. Ora is wild and free, but her paintings also mention simplicity, audacity, openness and always love. #streetart #graffiti #ora #frenchartist In collaboration with La Quincaillerie d'Art.

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  • Fanantique | Art Gallery

    Abstract Art This artistic movement of the 20th century broke the classical conventions of the time and made it possible to use a new visual language to represent reality. Today's artists are still inspired by it! See the collection Abstract Art See Collection FEATURED COLLECTIONS See all collections Abstract Art Spanish Masters Pop-culture FEATURED ARTISTS See all artworks José Pedro Croft Prints Joan Miró Prints Karel Appel Prints Antoni Clavé Etchings Sign up for Our Newsletter STAY TUNED! > Welcome and thank you! We keep in touch.

  • Contact | Fanantique

    Contact Capsuisse GmbH Vadianstrasse 7 9000 St. Gallen | Switzerland Customer Service Vadianstrasse 7 9000 St. Gallen | Switzerland Partners Belgium | France | Kenya | Spain | Switzerland About us Since 2004, our gallery brings together the artworks and antiques from galleries selected with care based in Europe and beyond. We wish you will discover new talents and find a nice selection of paintings, prints, sculptures and decorative artworks from renowned artists and unavoidable designers. Experts Carefully selected, our partners are professional from the art market. They bring their expertise for a quality selection. Thanks to them, we ensure a privileged service to our customers. Authenticity All items displayed on our gallery are appraised and certified by professionals of the art market or in specific cases by sworn experts. You have the guarantee of a genuine purchase. Delivery Transportation is not included in the prices shown on the site, do not hesitate to ask us for quotes. You can be delivered in a minimum of 24 hours depending on the destinations. ​ Eco engagement Since 2008, with the non-profit organisation myclimate, Fanantique offset the emissions of gas due to travel and air or land transport. For more info about the organisation, click on The Team Cendrine Galipot FR | EN | ES Art Hunter Marcus Braun DE | EN | FR Writer | Painter | Art Collector Our Customers Talk " I want to congratulate you on your work. ... I will be sure to advertise you because it really pays to know you. A big thank you ... " Testimony background P. , Brussels " We did receive the fishes and absolutely LOVE them. ... you have been a delight to work with! ... Blessings." Testimony background L. & J., USA. " Madam, good evening, I have received the painting and thank you Sincerely." Testimony background P. , France We are here for you Need additional information, expert advice, or looking for a specific work? Ask for help

  • Collections | Art for sale | Fanantique

    Collections List View Thumbnail view Abstract Art African Art Animals Art Deco Asian Art CoBrA Art École de Nice Erotic Art Glass Art Figuration | 1950-2000 Narrative Figuration Neo Pop Art Photography Pop Art Pop Culture Sculptures Spanish Masters Street Art List view Collections Thumbnail view Abstract Art African Art Animals Art Deco Asian Art CoBrA Art École de Nice Erotic Art Figuration 1950-2000 Glass Art Narrative Figuration Neo Pop-Art Photography Pop Art Pop Culture Sculptures Spanish Masters Street Art

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