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  • Quatorze, Pop culture by French artist

    Quatorze, artist from Marseille, born in 1986, draws and paints. He finds his inspiration from timeless, sometimes famous portraits and from multiple worlds of Pop Culture. From Marseille to Nice The adventure started in his studio, a small tree-lined house in the heart of Marseille where everyone can still visit and discover his new artworks. His most significant exhibition took place at "La Quincaillerie d'Art" in the port of Nice, where his paintings were exhibited and occupied the entire space. Playing with the light To interact with the light, Quatorze works mainly with black and white. Hence the complexity of his art in creating contrasts, shadows and reliefs. No digital media, stencils or others come between the artist and the material. The light appears, among other things, through its varnished finishes in matte, satin or glossy. Everyone can find themselves in Quatorze's timeless, famous portraits. In collaboration with La Quincaillerie d'Art. #popculture #art #quatorze #frenchartist

  • Ora... Wild and Free

    Inspired by Jackson Pollock, Gerard Richter, Andy Warhol or even Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ora creates a universe between abstract art, pop and street art. New York Experience Ora is a French artist born in 1989 in Avignon. From an early age, she draws and graffities in the streets of her city. Passionate about the discovery of new cultures, she travels the globe and settles in New York. Her "underground" studio is then in Soho where she paints but also signs her first line of apparel. Icons From Brigitte Bardot to Kate Moss and with a nod to Madonna... Today, Ora uses portraits of female icons among others, which reflect symbols of strength and beauty with a touch of indiscipline due to its bright and irregular colors. Ora is wild and free, but her paintings also mention simplicity, audacity, openness and always love. #streetart #graffiti #ora #frenchartist In collaboration with La Quincaillerie d'Art.

  • Le Bateleur - the Soul of Parisian Street Art

    See artworks An elusive figure, both believer and anarchist, rebellious and uncompromising, refusing work but able to spend tens of hours creating a stencil, Le Bateleur created his myth in the Street Art movement. He takes his pseudonym from the character of Le Bateleur (The Magician) in the Divinatory Tarot: street man, artist and illusionist. A rebel is born Rêve, Révolu, Révolution (Dream, Lost, Revolution) Born in the Belleville-Ménilmontant district in 1961, Le Bateleur, whose real name is Pascal Vaillier, is a child of the street that he will never leave. From a family of 4 children, deprived of his mother at the age of 3, his education takes place in the street before being picked up by the social services around the age of 10, institutions in which he never finds his balance and which feed his rebellion. He gets his revenge in the art and the expression of his ideas, his revolts and his hatred of the political system in place. Street Art in Paris Street Art is a movement and an artistic expression that emerged in the 1960s in the United States. It is born from the conjunction of aesthetic movements and social contexts. In Street Art, different tools or techniques are used and that of Le Bateleur will be the stencil. He started by covering the walls, anxious above all to convey messages and then stick his stencils all over the street at the end of the 80s. As he does not know how to draw very well, he almost always works from a photo and features of the photocopiers of the time like a friend of his, Yarps, a stencil maker. With Yarps and other artists including Davis-Dutreix, he shares his commitments and his lifestyle within the collective La Zen Copyright. The collective brings together street painters without a fixed workshop, who work in several studio-galleries by illegally investing abandoned buildings, again and again, always the target of eviction orders. The Artist Le Bateleur is a street artist whose pictorial and political commitment are inseparable. He perfectly embodies the spirit of the 90s, which saw the emergence of squats. He is one of the purist artists who refuse to be taken over by galleries or publicists. A voice for the underdogs Le Bateleur has a collection of nearly 80 stencil models featuring characters as different as Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, Zapata, the Buddha, a little girl, an African dancer ... All carry a poetic message that translates well the ideas of the artist and his desire to raise the voice of those excluded from society. He died of AIDS in January 1996. Source: 'Paris pochoirs' de Samantha Longhi et Benoit Maître / Street Art Magazine #4: ‘Le Bateleur, fragments d’une légende’.

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  • Abstract Art | Fanantique

    Abstract Art Vasarely | Dubuffet | Poliakoff | Tapies... Filter by Collection All Pierre Alechinsky Pierre de Berroeta José Pedro Croft Olivier Debré André Lanskoy Joan Miro Larry Otoo Antoni Tàpies Victor Vasarely Medium Paintings Prints Sort by André Lanskoy - Le Journal d'un Fou (Diary of a Madman), 1975 Price €350.00 André Lanskoy - Diary of a Madman (Le Journal d'un Fou), 1975 Price €350.00 André Lanskoy - Composition Abstraite Price €800.00 Serge Poliakoff - Orange composition Price €2,200.00 Alfred Manessier - Élégie pour Martin Luther King Price €800.00 Pablo Palazuelo - Gotica Variante, 1974 Price €800.00 Aurélie Nemours - Composition, 1990 Price €800.00 Stanley William Hayter - Emeraude, 1967 Price €800.00 Jean Dubuffet - Pierre Vagabonde, 1958 Price €2,000.00 Olivier Debré - Le rideau rouge Price €900.00 Olivier Debré - Paysage Loire Price €1,000.00 Olivier Debré - Les montagnes de Laerdal, Norvège Price €900.00 Joan Miró - Derrière le miroir (DLM), Maeght Price €450.00 Joan Miro - Derrière le miroir (DLM), Maeght Price €450.00 Antoni Tapies - Lithograph, Fregoli Price €1,000.00 Pierre Alechinsky - Infeuilletable, lithograph, 1969 (5/5) Price €500.00 Pierre Alechinsky - Infeuilletable, 1969 (4/5) Price €500.00 Pierre Alechinsky - Infeuilletable, 1969 (3/5) Price €500.00 Pierre Alechinsky - Infeuilletable, lithograph (2/5) Price €500.00 Pierre Alechinsky - Infeuilletable, 1969 (1/5) Price €500.00 Antoni Tàpies - Als Mestres de Catalunya, Lithograph Price €1,540.00 Antoni Tàpies - Etching Price €4,800.00 Antoni Tàpies - Etching and collage Price €5,500.00 Antoni Tàpies - Als Mestres de Catalunya, Lithograph Price €1,700.00 Antoni Tàpies - Etching Price €2,800.00 Antoni Tàpies - Etching Price €4,200.00 Antoni Tàpies - Original plate For Llull Price €22,000.00 Antoni Tàpies - Etching Price €2,400.00 Antoni Tàpies - Etching Price €2,250.00 Antoni Tàpies - Original painting, 1970 Price €21,000.00 Antoni Tàpies - Cabeza y Tres Price €1,700.00 Antoni Tàpies - Als Mestres de Catalunya Price €1,540.00 Antoni Tàpies - Grille de papier collé Price €5,500.00 Antoni Tàpies - Als Mestres de Catalunya Price €1,540.00 Antoni Tàpies - Als Mestres de Catalunya Price €1,540.00 Antoni Tàpies - Als mestres de Catalunya Price €1,540.00

  • Fanantique | Art Gallery

    Pop Culture Icons Pop icons from the world of Fashion, Art, Cinema, History or Fiction are often venerated. Angels, Devils or Saints, the myths they incarnate, the ideas they carry, transcend them... Let's get inspired. See the collection Pop Culture Icons See Collection Out of gallery FEATURED COLLECTIONS See all collections Out of gallery FEATURED ARTISTS See all artworks Ora Paintings Quatorze Paintings Le Bateleur Artworks Alechinsky Prints Sign up for Our Newsletter STAY TUNED! > Welcome and thank you! We keep in touch.

  • Olivier Debré | Prints | Fanantique

    Olivier Debré French Artist | Abstract Art (1920-1999) Sort by Olivier Debré - Les montagnes de Laerdal, Norvège Price €900.00

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