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  • Bernat Barris, Unveiling the Beauty of Non-Places

    Interview Born in 1986, Catalan artist Bernat Barris makes ordinary places special, sprinkles in some beauty. He also points out the little details hidden in places we usually ignore on the edges of the city. What drew you to explore non-places* in your art, and how do they become the focal point of your Rodalies Nord series? I've always been fascinated by those spaces of circulation, transit, and anonymity we just pass through without really noticing. Marc Augé calls them 'non-places' because they're not about history or personal stories. In my Rodalies Nord series, I wanted to show the hidden beauty of these everyday non-places. I see them as blank canvases that reflect all the changes happening around us in the city. How does your artistic vision transform seemingly mundane non-places into aesthetically rich scenes, and what effects do you hope to generate through your brushwork and design? The 19th-century romantic landscape painters really captivated me. When I'm painting, I try to make ordinary places special, sprinkle in some beauty. Even if they seem abandoned, I leave traces of constant movement. I aim to capture the essence of these non-places inhabited by solitude and shaped by the transition from use to disuse. I like exploring the tensions between beauty and ugliness, tradition and modernity. Your Rodalies Nord series delves into the periphery and suburbs. What inspired you to find beauty in these seemingly unattractive spaces, and how do they challenge traditional perceptions of the city? I get inspired by the outskirts and suburbs. There's this richness and contrast in these places that people usually ignore. Even though they're important for getting around, these non-places make you rethink what you know about the city and make you notice the little details in these empty spaces. Your Granollers series explores your connection to Granollers. Can you share more about how your personal experiences and emotions mix with your artistic exploration of this city? Granollers is more than just my hometown; it's an emotional anchor for me. In my art, I try to capture the joy in these forgotten landscapes and convey the importance and beauty in them through my gaze. I see the city like a big picture I'm painting, telling my own story through art pieces. Could you give us a glimpse into your journey as an artist? What led you to prioritize your artistic career, and how do you balance your passion for painting with your role as a teacher? I discovered my love for art early on and graduated in Fine Arts in 2009. I started focusing more on my art in 2015, joining an art residency in Barcelona Academy of Art. Now, besides painting, I’m a plein-air landscape teacher in Barcelona Academy of Arts and the traditional drawing teacher in the Animation and VFX degree in La Salle University. I try to keep teaching because it makes me aware of my process as a painter. The same I teach them with, I can apply to myself. Conversation inspired by the insights of Sergio Fuentes Milà, Dra Roser Masip Boladeras, David Sánchez Rueda. * Ref.: Marc Augé , Non lieux. Introduction à une anthropologie de la surmodernité, 1992) #bernatbarris #painting #cityscapes #art #granollers #landscapepainting #art #catalunya

  • Davis-Dutreix, Reflecting Upon the Human Condition

    Born in Miami in 1954, Davis Dutreix is a pivotal figure in 90s French underground art and squart culture. With the tradition of symbolic art and with a vivid palette, he prompts reflection on the human experience. Embarking on a Spiritual Odyssey In the vivid tapestry of life, one often stumbles upon profound moments that lead to a transformative quest. At the tender age of 17, Pierre Davis Dutreix encountered such a pivotal moment when he survived a harrowing car accident, setting the stage for a lifelong exploration of spirituality. It was during this period that he serendipitously uncovered the profound teachings of Zen Buddhism, a guiding light that would remain steadfast throughout his artistic odyssey. The 1970s found him amidst the bustling streets of New York, where his artistic education intersected with the formation of his potent political consciousness. A remarkable initiatory sojourn to South America in the 1980s marked a pivotal chapter, as it was here that Davis Dutreix commenced drawing alongside creatives challenging a repressive dictatorship. This marked the inception of his artistic journey that would resonate with defiance and innovation. Life in the Squarts The 1990s saw Davis Dutreix immerse himself in the realm of radical artistry and collages, an era characterized by his serendipitous encounters within the Parisian squats, affectionately referred to as "squarts" – a portmanteau of "squat" and "art." It was during this time and amidst this creative tapestry that he embarked on his own artistic foray, experimenting with the vibrant medium of painting. Collaborations with fellow avant-garde artists eventually led to the establishment of the groundbreaking ‘Zen Copyright’ gallery, carried out in tandem with Eduardo, a Parisian performer, and SP38, a renowned international figure in street art. This momentous juncture marked the birth of the 'Zen Copyright' collective, a force that actively engaged in the socio-political events of its time. With exhibitions that popped up in the streets, at events, or within the concert halls hosting luminaries like Rita Mitsouko, Brigitte Fontaine, and Nonnes Troppo, Davis- Dutreix and the collective left an indelible imprint on the urban landscape. It was during this chapter that he forged a profound connection with Le Bateleur, a kindred spirit who tragically passed away in 1995. Simultaneously, the inception of a new collective, 'La Grange aux Belles,' heralded a period of fervent creativity. Their Squart, became a hub for organizing events for the common good, a sanctuary before their eventual eviction in 2000. Awakening the Senses: A Manifesto for Art Art should not be passive, intellectual or elitist, it must awaken in the viewer a feeling that makes them think about the human condition. Davis Dutreix was resolute in his belief that art should never be a passive or elitist endeavor, nor merely an intellectual pursuit. Instead, he championed a philosophy that called for art to stir profound emotions within the observer, provoking contemplation of the human condition. In this vision, art was a catalyst for transformation, an embodiment of activism and introspection. Time of Maturity Davis-Dutreix briefly returned to New York, where he opened the 'off gallery' then settled in Nice, in a workshop/squat 'les devils bleus' from 2000 to 2004, the date of the expulsion. In 2004, he opened a new squart in Nice, in the old town: le Pigeonnier. He finally finds the time to settle down and unfold on canvas. Each work is like a part of the world imagined and sketched during all the preceding years, we find there all the power of Davis-Dutreix colors and the richness of the symbolic vocabulary. Text written with the collaboration of Atelier Franck Michel, Nice #underground #streetart #politicalart #symbolicart #symbolism #apocalypse #art

  • José Pedro Croft, the limit of space?

    Born in 1957, Portuguese artist José Pedro Croft enjoys experimenting with materials, colours, structures and their relationship to space. Playing with open and closed spaces, stable and unstable balances, his works 'reflect the transitory nature of the universe'. Croft's explorations Known in the international art scene and for having participated in the renewal of Portuguese sculptures, José Pedro Croft loves superposition and juxtaposition. He confronts empty and full spaces and associates colours with abstract lines. Red geometric forms or black structures can represent simple and sometimes incomplete masses. The geometric rigour is revealed through a succession of incisions, scratches and erasures. Through a 3-dimensional effect, he is questioning the density of the materials, their weight or lightness. Also, his designs constantly question the object-space relationship and force us to reconsider the limit of that space. Is there a limit? Croft's words The things don't have just one position in a way that something is a closed object that stands behind/in front of you, it is more a field of energies that you confront yourself. If you get distance, approach very closely, every time you see different things and you have different perceptions. See complete interview Croft's triumph Considered one of the most representative figures of the international art scene, José Pedro Croft's work can be found in international collections and museums in France, Portugal, Brazil and Spain. #abstractart #art

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  • Fanantique | Art Gallery

    1/6 Nature to City Nature's beauty and urban life depicted through diverse perspectives in art See artworks Featured Art See artworks FEATURED COLLECTIONS See collections African Art Narrative Figuration Landscapes FEATURED ARTISTS See artists Bernat Barris Paintings Daniel Onguene Paintings Juan Pajares Paintings David David Sculptures HIGHLIGHTS Affordable Art Prices up to 1600€ with something for everyone. Shop now and start building your personal art collection. Past Featured Be surprised by the variety of artists and their remarkable works that we still feature on our website Sold Items Looking for that one-of-a-kind, or a limited edition? Our team scours the world in search of artworks. Sign up for Our Newsletter STAY TUNED! > Welcome and thank you! We keep in touch.

  • Bernat Barris | Paintings | Fanantique

    Bernat Barris Catalan Artist | Contemporary Art Bernat Barris makes ordinary places special, sprinkles in some beauty. He also points out the little details hidden in places we usually ignore on the edges of the city... More about the artist Sort by Bernat Barris - La Asland Price €2,450.00 Bernat Barris - Delante de la bola de gas Price €3,100.00 Bernat Barris - Estació Granollers Centre Price €1,800.00 Bernat Barris - Cruce de Puentes Price €2,000.00 Bernat Barris - Rotondo de l'estació Price €350.00 Bernat Barris - Reckitt, 2022 Price €4,600.00 Bernat Barris - Parc de Ponent, Granollers Price €1,050.00 Bernat Barris - Cementera en Sitges Price €2,350.00 Bernat Barris - Bajo el puente Price €2,850.00 Bernat Barris - Cocheras de Sant Andreu Price €2,050.00 Bernat Barris - Roca Umbert, Granollers Price €4,400.00 Bernat Barris - Can Bassa, Granollers Price €1,600.00 Bernat Barris - El Casino per Festa Major Price €450.00 Bernat Barris - Granollers, 2022 Price €8,500.00 Bernat Barris - AVE en Sant Andreu, 2019 Price €850.00 Bernat Barris - La Camp, 2018 Price €1,800.00 Bernat Barris - Cangas del Narcea, Astúrias Price €3,850.00 Bernat Barris - El Rio Seco Price €1,200.00

  • Featured Artists | Fanantique

    Past Featured ABSTRACT ART This artistic movement of the 20th century broke the classical conventions of the time and made it possible to use a new visual language to represent reality. Today's artists are still inspired by it . View More POP CULTURE Pop icons from the world of Fashion, Art, Cinema, History or Fiction are often venerated. Angels, Devils or Saints, the myths they incarnate, the ideas they carry, transcend them... Let's get inspired. View More ORA Wild and free, Ora creates a universe between abstract art, pop and street art. She is inspired by Jackson Pollock, Gerard Richter, Andy Warhol or even Jean-Michel Basquiat... View More RENE LALIQUE Art Deco really started in 1925 at the “International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts” in Paris. René Lalique is one of the main representatives. View More AFRICAN ART Portraits, Daily scenes, and Social issues such as Woman emancipation, Duality, Police brutality. See Africa through artists from Nigeria, Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon... View More LE BATELEUR An elusive figure, both believer and anarchist, rebellious and uncompromising, Le Bateleur created his myth in the Street Art movement. View More JOSE PEDRO CROFT Portuguese artist José Pedro Croft enjoys experimenting with materials, colours, structures and their relationship to space. Playing with open and closed spaces, stable and unstable balances... View More QUATORZE Quatorze, artist from Marseille, draws and paints. He finds his inspiration from timeless, sometimes famous portraits and from multiple worlds of Pop Culture. ​ View More ART DECO Timeless Art Deco: rich colors, bold geometry and detailed craftsmanship. All the glamor, luxury and exuberance of Art Deco. ​ View More SPANISH MASTERS Dali, Miró, Picasso, Plensa, Tàpies... See works by undisputed masters - loved by collectors - who influence the contemporary art scene. View More ANJEL Anjel makes Neo-pop Art paintings that provide spirited insights into his stylish models, while simultaneously painting out the persuasive influence of consumer culture. View More SALVADOR DALI From the Divine Comedy to VIP's Night out, Salvador Dali influenced the 20th century and left an indelible trace in the history of art and the heritage of Humanity. View More

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